How To> Organize: Lay It All Out There

The first step to any organizational process is to know your materials. Our minds are amazing organs, but they estimate based on our previous experience, regardless of the reality. I am always surprised to see the difference between what I expect to see, and what the content reveals after all the pieces have been played.

Whether you are working with physical/e-files, bookmarks, business cards, boardgames, or your aunt’s collection of tiny frog-related tchotchke; you will have no idea what categories or larger groupings to create if you haven’t documented the material to be organized. Taking an inventory might sound potentially boring, but this is the first opportunity to turn the process into  a game.

There are an infinite amount of ways to lay out/inventory your stock. In fact, I might even call this “info graphic brainstorming” time. To help develop my sense of style, I have decided to organize my wardrobe. I could lay out all my clothes and work with arranging them in physical piles, but where would the fun be in that? I love to draw, and have always thought fashion illustration was cool; how about I try to do crude line art of my clothes?

My first round attempt.

My first round attempt.

I have started with my shirts, (the most popular/trending content,) and have since gotten about 25 on one page. I will continue to post progress with other tips about how to get yourself organized, so stay connected!

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