How To> Use Perspective To: Approach Challenges

I often find myself looking so closely at dilemmas, they become walls that block my view of everything else. Studying it searching for a weakness or simply a way around the block consumes me while I forget that most problems are just pieces of larger ideas and objectives.

Taking a step back can feel like reverse-progress, but pulling back can enhance how you look at an obstacle. The next time you find yourself frozen in action, consider heating up your momentum with the following tips.

  1. Re-examine another issue to fix. Averting your attention to a different (but ideally related) problem will give you more peace of mind, show you a new tool to defeat the wall, or may even show you an error you can fix to change the whole foundation of the situation.
  2. Remember why you started. Your motivation is your energy bar: the more real the need for you to pass through, the harder you will work to find a way.
  3. Find an easy  task to relax with. Small but helpful tidbits can be extremely satisfying as well as boost your confidence. You just organized all of your receipts, you can now organize the world!

In the end, the smaller the wall, the easier it is to kick over.

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