How To> Make a [Drinking] Game for Any Movie

Classic movies are undeniably great, but most of us have seen them before. Adding an outside element that requires the viewers to participate, and in turn, pay more attention to details that might otherwise go unnoticed. Though drinking games are the most common scoring system, players can create buzzwords when events happen, mark down who catches different pieces first, or any other silly basic agreed upon leaderboard.

It is worth searching the great and vast web for a previously established set of rules, since chances are someone has already made a webpage. I will be using Goldfinger in this demonstration, I will be starting with this site, but building on it to suit my friends and the vibe.

The basic rules are easy to follow, “Do _____ when _____”; whether you choose to take a drink, tally a point, or yell like glorious victor when the moment arises.

Best of Bond

“Shaken, not stirred.”

How to Write Rules for your Game {Examples will be for Goldfinger.}
1. “Drink/Point-given whenever______.” Create an easy to follow trigger system that all players can remember. Since our game will be a drinking game, the key initiator will be: “Drink whenever______.”
***If you are not drinking, designate a buzzer/hand raising system as well as a scorecard.
2. 3 Title-referenced events. Golden! 1. Anytime gold is shown, 2. Anytime someone says “gold”, and 3. Anytime something is coated in gold.
3. 3 Quintessential main character quotes/qualities. 1. “Bond, James Bond.” 2. “Shaken, not stirred,”  3. Anyone anyone else says, “Mr. Bond.”
4. Best of/classic moments. 1. “No Mr. Bond, I expect you to die.”  2. Anytime someone dies in a horrible death. 3. Anytime a character has a name that is a clear play on words (Random Task, Pussy Galore, etc.)

No matter how you choose to play, you will either be drunk with booze or delight by the end of the film.

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