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How To> Beat Domain Dependance

Passion is a double edged sword: while you get to use it to complete tasks relating to goals you like, it almost detracts from other areas of your life you may wish to have equal motivation for. This spread of energy can be identified as a form of Domain Dependence*.

Domain Dependence is what makes categorizing your music collection fun, but organizing files for a presentation tedious. If you aren’t getting an immediate positive emotional pay off, the cheese at the end of the maze may seem too far off to even elicit the desire to continue. The answer?: Find elements of your tasks you enjoy and bring it to tasks you dread.

When I began on my mission to organize my wardrobe, I immediately knew I’d have more fun if I got to draw them out, and think about the value of colored lines along the way. (See an example here.) I’ve been enjoying myself so much, I have begun to work on this as a procrastination project. Often I will pick up some clothes to fold and mark down instead of thinking about this blog and how I can develop it.

While searching for ways to motivate myself to really think about how I want to lay information out, I realized I should treat topics for discussion in the same way I’ve been laying out all the clothes. I had a major case of Domain Dependence in being unable to apply similar skills to different projects.

Using bright colors, I followed my own advice and laid it all out on paper to assess where I came from and where I want to go. I already have some better ideas and motivation to look up the anatomy of a wordpress page so I can figure out how and what I want to change!