How To> Take Notes Remote

Notes in their very essence are an in transit activity. You write a note now so you can remember an idea later. It is not surprising that the word ‘note’ originates from gnoscere, the Latin term for “to know”, because by saving information for your future-self to know.

Modern note taking has expanded far beyond the small pads seen used by pulp detectives and reporters. Slips of paper can get ruined by water damage or lost in a mountain of receipts; there is no cloud to back up and organize your notes. And thus, for those searching for an answer to the “Remote Note” dilemna, here are a few approaches to taking your ink to the screen:

  • Tablet, with on screen keyboard. Touch screen devices from phones to large tablets come with built in keyboards to type with. If you can get used to the angle, you just need your device and no other tools to be an apt pupil
  • Tablet, with blue tooth/plugged in keyboard. Typing on a physical keyboard can be much easier to record lots of info. However, though keyboards are getting smaller, but they still count as one extra feature you need to carry around when the moment of noted inspiration strikes.
  • Tablet with stylus. Stylus’ are small, like pens, so they are not a huge burden to add to your tablet pouch, especially if there is a built in slot so you won’t lose it. Pressure fidelity is ever improving, and Apps like DailyNotes (shown in photo) even allow users to hand write notes, as well as typed ones.
  • Pen-and-paper notebook. If you just can’t let go of the feeling of ink gliding over a page, just make sure you get a note book to keep your notes centralized. Just remember to back up (save the physical pages somewhere safe) after you’ve transfered them to the cloud.



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